Donovan Levy was born in New York City, and moved to New Jersey during his adolescence. He attended the County College of Morris where he was introduced to fine art photography and earned his associates degree. As Donovan developed his connection with the medium, he made the choice to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Donovan graduated in 2019 and has expanded his practice since by participating in exhibitions nationally and internationally. He is the 2019 recipient of the Jan Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship, and is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Exploring close relationships among my male friends, my photographs address issues of shared experience, fantasy, and masculinity. We are from the same area in northern New Jersey, and are between twenty and twenty three years old. Through helping one another overcome significant adversity, drug addiction, and confusion during our teenage years, the bond between us became indispensable.

I photograph using two distinct strategies. First I present intimate moments, shot through the lens of trust. Though not sexual in nature, these romantic moments paired with our emotional attachment challenges traditional masculinity and the way men are conditioned to behave around one another.

In other pictures,  I depict an idealized world. It takes place in the forest, which sits on the edge of our small suburban towns.  This world that I create is free from our past hardships, addictions, broken family lives, and broken hearts. This body of work recalls the challenges of our youth and explores the intermediary condition of approaching adulthood.  


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